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Vinyl Fencing

We offer services to both purchase and install top of the line Commercial Grade Vinyl Fencing with trained professional and speedy installation.

Commercial Vinyl Fencing

Commercial grade vinyl fencing is the has several advantages over residential grade fencing in order to protect your business. First, it is thicker than residential grade vinyl fencing. It also includes ribbing and spines that run the length of the rails to add even more strength.

Commercial grade vinyl is made with higher concentrations of Titanium Oxide (TiO2) to inhibit UV light and improve durability. There are more impact braces in commercial as well. The resulting fence can really stand the test of time while protecting and lasting against damaging UV rays.

Last but not least, the system to connect and interlock the vinyl panels is extremely strong while also made to be virtually invisible. Interlocking rails within each post give the fence the strength of the post and rail instead of just a bracket held to the post by two or three shallow screws.