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Olympic Training Ground Custom Walls

Recently the Hurricane Poway Fence Company was contracted to build the Olympic training ground new custom steal walls to show the power and fortitude of the American Athletes who will be training for the Olympic games in honor of our country's virtues.

While these walls are still new they preserve the clean steal and design.  However, the design is made of steal that over time with naturally rust into a brilliant and stunning aged red.  They will represent the fortitude and endurance of our Olympic athletes.

We were also aiming celebrating the realistic nature of even the finest Olympic athletes.  They have families and they will age as well.  But as recent mother Kerri Walsh showed up, they will always be epic winners!

This fencing project has American written all over it.  High walls, hard work, epic views and a team full of winners.  Go ahead and ask Kerri Walsh about it.  The volley ball team trains there often and we support the success of American mothers!

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